Girlfriend cheated and got pregnant, but continues to lie about everything?

I was in a LDR for more than a year, we have known each other for 4 years and spent a lot of time together even though it is long distance. She said that she wanted to marry me, I bought the ring and was going to propose a month ago when I visited her. She gave me a story that she had to take care of her brother in another city, but we were applying for her visa in a 3rd city and would see me the night before and we would fly there together. I waited for her at the time she told me, she didn't show and blocked me. She finally responded on Instagram and said that she is young and doesn't know what she wants in life and needs to think. I returned to the united states and found out last week that she was cheating on me and got pregnant which is the real reason.

She said that she got pregnant in the week after we ended things and she needs to think about her son, but didn't cheat on me. I asked her what day, she said July 10 and I reminded her that I was there on the 17th and we were still in a relationship, she keeps saying she didn't cheat. I told her that if she knows that she is having a son, then she got pregnant 2 or 3 months ago including the sonongram photo she posted on facebook. I had problems with this dj at a club that she was spending time with, but she denies he is the father, just said that I don't know him. Well what 23 year old dj posts about babies on their facebook unless they are going to be a father? Despite confronting her with a mountain of evidence including being pregnant, she denies cheating. I finally told her that I never want to see her again because her baby would be a daily reminder of her infidelity and lies. I want her to just say... yes I cheated, I am sorry that I did... but she won't apologize for anything. Has anyone had a similar experience?
Girlfriend cheated and got pregnant, but continues to lie about everything?
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