Do you self-sabotage?

Relationships, work, etc

If you have; why, what made you discover what it was you were doing, what made you stop?


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  • I've been probably doing this my whole life. I'm the type of person who was looking for adventures yet never tried to leave his comfort zone, because I felt safe and I wasn't in danger of failure or embarassing myself. This feeling started to leave me as I kept growing up and after several adventures this summer I'm happy to say that I can easily take the riskier, more dangerous option when it comes to choosing between options in a situation, whether that choice is about a girl, my studies or work. If I fail then so what? I'll be disappointed and then I'll come out of it slowly but way stronger and experienced that before. Besides, in life the lows make the highs even higher so I'm content with the choices I make. I hope that every person who self-sabotages him/herself can take some inspiration and chase after what they want and try harder than ever before. Because in the end, choices are really easy to make. Every hurdle we create to ourselves is just an illusion our dumb brain creates. Don't let this stand between you and your goals, whether you succeed or fail. In reality, there's no failure, because failing is just a mid-step to success. Always remember that, dear reader, if you took the time to read this. Take care!

  • Nope but I know a few people who do and I try to support them


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