How do girls make guys whipped and not want another girl?

I see some guys crazy for one girl and how can they not want another hotter girl? Guys I have met always want the hottest women they can find or be in clubs & not be serious. Only one guy I met at a job we worked together in 2016 October and since then we still talk. He would be crazy for me, excited, stare at me, flirt & text daily, drive me home, makeout, went on date. In some periods he was immature & we fought but then we madeup. With time we have gotten strong connection & we fought April & didn’t talk but then he invited me for date July and we made up & he was sweet. We are both busy with school and work all day as we used to work in the night & no college yet. I’m 21 he’s 24. and I moved an hour away. Also I’m prob inoccent as many people have sex right away or often.
Oh and all guys Ik would rather be with guy friends every night & check out other girls


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