My crush called me awkward?

Okay, so my crush and I literally have NO classes together. On my way to the bus, I met up with him. We began a casual conversation. He said that he's visiting one of our old friends. I asked who's going with him and he named a couple of other guys. That's when he said, "I would ask you to come, but it would be kinda awkward."
I was like "Oh", and the awkward silence lured in.
I don't know what to do now. I want to hide my face from him and NEVER be seen!! Ugh!!!
What should I do? How can I act cool and nonchalant when these kinds of situations occur?


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  • Ibdont know how you should handle it, but I would just say "Nahhhhh, it'll be fine!"


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  • From which point do you get that assumption. He never call you awkward. According to your post, his words are "I would ask you to come, but it would be kinda awkward."
    He meant it's going to be guys there so you might not feel comfortable.
    He's being understanding and caring towards you.


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  • Just be like hey I don’t want things to be awkward with us and ask him out sometime in person. Or you can text him or something prior so that way you guys can build up the anticipation of seeing each other. When I get like this I tend to just practice with my friends speaking as odd as it sounds lol

    Can you answer my recent one please? It’s on my page


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