Should I say something one of these days?

So I understand i it’s my fault they don’t want to talk to me but I I been really in and out of depression for years in the same town and people don’t like me because of how I use to act wen I was younger a group of people could be nice to get back in contact with them but I always see different people around and wen I look a girls we hold a 4 second stare but I look away first good thing is they never look at me weird or with a mean face we don’t smile but definitely not a hateful look on there face it’s been years so they have gotten over it but I’m not sure I should say anything.


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  • Well not to sound corny but, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take. You got a 50% chance of making a friend. Go for it.

    • Ok so it is true a girl wouldn’t hold eye contact if she really didn’t like you.

    • It depends on her personality. I tend to stare at people a lot and have to stop myself because it kinda creepy. I do it because I draw a lot and I just see lines that would work for my drawings. I'm not creepy lol. She might just be intrigued and wants to make the first move but is to scared.

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