Can anyone tell me what my dream means?

I had a dream that my boyfriend was doubting & worrying if our relationship would work because I’m a Christian & he’s a Muslim. We both haven’t told our parents about each other yet but we are planning to do it before the year ends. In the dream he messaged me saying he doesn’t know if the relationship is gonna work cause he doesn’t know what his mum will say & I was saying how if he’s doubting so much it wouldn’t work & I was having faith that it would all work. So in the dream I was crying and my mum
came to hug me and ask what’s wrong so I tell her everything about him and the relationship then the dream ended & I woke up. I woke up with tears because it felt real so I prayed about it. In reality, our relationship is amazing & we’ve talked about how we’re gonna deal with the religion side & it’s sorted.


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  • You already answered your own question in your question.

    • lol which is?

    • well first of, i dobut dreams mean much anything because i sure as hell am not going to find an explanation to most of my dreams since their all pure bloodbaths, getting short and stabbed is like a normal thing to me arleady in my dreams, meanwhile irl i have never been in a serious fight in my life.

      Anyway you most likelly dreamed about what you worry about. You likelly thought of it before going to sleep, worry over it daily and it was just visualised.

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