Why isn't he giving her space? When he ended it?

if a guy breaks up with a girl and states he wants to be friends. The girl says she can't be friends at least for now. In the month or so after the breakup, the guy puts in extra effort (a lot more effort then usual), been extra friendly, maintain eye contact (at group events) for as long as possible, asking if he's still one of her favourite people and keeps suggesting they go out for food a few times. Telling her she looks good... Not giving her any space despite her saying they couldn't be friends. Is he just trying extra hard for the friendship or is he wanting to get back? His words (at different times) don't add up. He stated he can try and make up for the pain he has caused & that they can make new memories together. The guy is usually quite shy and has a habit of pushing people away. He knows a lot of people but only has a select few people he is close too. The girl been one of them.


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  • This is just a guess, only he can answer this (and I would confront him about it and just ask him what his deal is), but my guess is he regrets the decision and/or wants you back. Or is just missing you.

    • he keeps saying he just wants to be mates again but she feels like nothing he says / does adds up. He even contemplated not going on hol with his mate if that meant they could be friends again. Yeah they need to talk. Thank you

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    • I don't know. Personally I think he's scared but I don't know if Im just been hopeful. I can't go back to just been friends again straight away but he isn't giving me the space either

    • Go dark, get off the grid for a while... if you can neither be found or reached, you can't be bothered.

  • What was the reason he wanted to dump her in the first place?

    • He said they didn't have enough in common. They had been best friends for a few years before they dated so again it's not making sense :/

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    • I guess. Is there anything the girl can do?

    • Maybe, maybe not... depends on the finer points of the situation.

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