Does he like me as a friend or more?

This guy I see looking at me when I'm not looking and he talks to me casually how he would anyone else. I don't think he likes me, maybe just finds me attractive.
Anyways we were talking about ourselves in the staff room. I said I have this test coming up, that I want to get 100% and then we chatted a bit after, then I got up to leave and he's "Oh, are you going?" I'm like "yeah" and he wishes me luck for my test.
Is this just friendliness or does he like me as more? Yh I don't know I think I'm just reading into it lololol


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  • It could just be friendly conversation, maybe next time you see him ask him out for a coffee and gauge it from there

    • Yeah I don't really want to ask him. He's a coworker. If he says no, would be so awks.

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    • UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ok. I'll try

    • Least you will know where you stand and trust me guys hate the feeling of rejection too

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