What's your personal selection of men?

Handsomeness, Body shape, Intelligence, Personalities, Wealth, Culture


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What Girls Said 2

  • I like a guy who has dark hair, enough hair for me to run my fingers through. Little bit of stubble. Needs to be not too big but not skinny either regarding body shape. I’m only small framed. He needs to be kind, honest & caring but also know how to have a laugh. Wealth wise I don’t care. I’ve never dated a guy who has had money! So a rich guy would be nice but not essential. Culture wise doesn’t bother me either.

    • wow , ok now that's so revealing and convincing , I like that.. you really do have a good preference. LOL

    • Thank you 😊

  • Cute looking, having decent height and at least some abs. I like strong arms too lol

    • I bet your more into the physical appearance of men.. LOl

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