Is my boyfriend losing interest in me?

My boyfriend has his two last exams coming up in two days and he is very stressed out because of it. He failed them before and this is his last chance to finally finish the uni. We didn't see each other in two weeks because he said he wants to focus on studying, and I respect that. But he hasn't been initiating phone calls or texts for 2 days now and I am kind of anxious. We talked a little bit on the phone two days ago (I initiated it) and he said he will shut himself out completely until the exam, that he is not in the mood to talk to anyone (not even me) until it's all over. I said it's okay that I understand and that I miss him and hope he eats and sleeps well and that I'm here if he needs a little break. Then he said he'll text me tomorrow, but he didn't. I saw him online around 1 AM and he was online for 2 hours (on WhatsApp) which means he was either texting or talking to someone. I was online too and he didn't bother texting me at least one short message or anything. If he's so stressed out and said that he doesn't want to talk to anyone, then who was he talking to at 1 AM? And for 2 hours. Do you think he's cheating or losing interest in me?


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  • You said it yourself. He's stressed and has an exam. Maybe he was talking to his college/uni mate and asking about the exam. There is no need to automatically assume he's cheating
    Just wait two days until he's done with the exam


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