Why did my boyfriend’s ex hit me up?

Ok I’ll try to keep this short. My boyfriend has an ex who I’ve met once in the past, and she’s a hairdresser. Once during our relationship, my boyfriend and I split up and she and my ex ended up sleeping together. She told me when she learned we had gotten back together. This led to my boyfriend hating her pretty much.

It took a long time for me to get over them sleeping together. I even reached out to her six months ago asking if he ever tried to get back together with
her after what they had done. She said he hadn’t.
i pretended to be interested in a haircut and exited the conversation gracefully. This morning,
bright and early she messages me online and asks if I have any “bud” (weed for you non smokers) she used to get it from my boyfriend so why ask me? I’m afraid that this means she’s planning to tell my boyfriend about what I asked. However I asked her everything six months ago like I said, what does she want?
She wants to see if you are still dating your boyfriend
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She really needs what she’s asking you for
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Why did my boyfriend’s ex hit me up?
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