So there's a virtual guy (cliché).. and he's sort of confused between me (his virtual gf) and another girl (would be real gf)?

So.. I was sad but cool 'cause like she is there for him.. it would be easier for them.. so many perks.. and all this long distance seems bullshit so that's not an option.. so I even stopped like staying in touch.. but then he's like "why can't I have both?" And I'm like "fk off! You can't".. he keeps coming back.. and I... I don't know what to do.. 🤷


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  • If he can't accept the fact that he can't have both people in his life then that's his problem. If you really don't want to be in this relationship anymore then just block him because he's obviously not taking no for an answer. If he just wants a friend then it's up to you. It's your decision and he needs to respect that.

  • Block him


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