Is he telling the truth?

I’ve had this on & off again relationship with a guy but here lately he’s been distant saying he’s sick and has stuff going on right now but the only problem is he says this every time i ask him where he’s been he says he's been “sleeping the day away” & doesn’t text me until 8 pm and when i tell him my concerns about this he makes me look like a bad guy for even asking


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  • Most likely not telling the truth. Maybe it's an excuse just not to have to deal with anyone, not just you. He could be an introvert and doesn't want to leave his house.

    • Thats not likely true he comes over just to barely talk to me and he walks everywhere

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  • I would just move on , sounds to me like he is making excuses up and really putting in effort into your guys relationship. Don’t waste your time with this guy move on and focus on yourself , someone who is really interested with you wouldn’t make simple excuses and get mad at your for telling him how you feel.

    • That’s how i feel but i love him and i think he takes that for granted

    • He probably does take it for granted but you can’t keep hurting yourself with the excuses he gives you.

    • Yes true thank you

  • I can't even try to answer that question but I'd say it sounds like he's not interested in putting any effort into the relationship. So why continue to try? Move on


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