He only says he loves me when he's drunk: does he mean it?

So when he's drunk, he gets very affectionate and whispers I love yous in my ear. But when he's sober, he won't even say it back when I say it!

He used to say it all the time, called me baby girl and all that. Then we broke up because I wanted a more serious relationship. He said he didn't love me like that.that he loved me but not enough for a serious relationship. Now we are seeing each other again and I think he really likes spending time with me. He says he misses me and comes to see me about once or twice a week and calls me every other day or texts. I don't think he wants a relationship but what about his feelings? Do you think he loves me or not? Why won't he respond when I say it yet says it when he's drunk? Is he just scared of me wanting more again if he says it or is he playing with me?


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  • Most people say things when there drunk because they don't say what they are thinking when there sober. My guess is that inside he wants to say he loves you, but because you guys broke up, he may not want to open up right away, he wants to say it, he is just a little bit scared. If you says he loves you when he's drunk, its a good sign. Just keep doing what your doing and am sure in time he will tell you (when he's sober) how he feels.



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