Couples can you relate to these comedy videos and comics about relationships?

I love the background music of the second video, it is kind of emotional.
My reaction:
Life is beautiful! La vie est Belle!
Us girls are cute and funny creatures
Hell with equality, differences and imperfections are beautiful, those comedy videos would not have existed if there were no differences between two genders and if there were no imperfections.

Differences and imperfections should be CELEBRATED and EMBRACED. People need to have a sense of humour instead of over-analysing everything, instead of attacking everything and writing essays on it as internet warriors.
The second video is called
Illustrator Shows Hilarious Side Of Relationship With His Girlfriend In Comic
If you have spare time... you can watch the following heart warming videos
1. Comic showing a relationship in a month vs a year
2. Artist illustrates what love looks life before and after 30

The second one is a must watch and so heart touching


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