Why do they dad bash?

What do you think about this video on "dad bashing"?



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  • Did not watch.
    Bashing is popular for anything good, right, or successful. It's always the haves vs the have-nots.

    • Watch the first 5 minutes and give your opinion.

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    • So yeah, I get it, but I'm not sure what we can do about it. Even hollyweird has made a whole society on men-bashing. And it's not just dads, it's all men. The shows they create make it clear that men are bumbling idiots that can't manage without a woman telling them what to do. And we have this whole crop of women that hate men, calling what is being a REAL man is 'toxic'. And that their man is less capable and less important than the kids.

      And once a relationship gets down this path there really is no coming back. Once a woman loses respect for her man then she shuts down sexually, and then is subject to cheat or bail, whichever happens first. The first time a manly-man gives her some attention she swoons. Because she considers HER man to be weak and ineffectual.

      And unfortunately men have bought into this whole charade as well - the 'show us your feelings' and your 'feminine side' bullshit. I DON'T HAVE A FEMININE SIDE!! I'm ALL man. LOL -->cont

    • And the men are just as much to blame - they've gotten lazy and soft, the young ones don't want to work and be successful - they want something handed to them - that they 'deserve' success just because they put effort in. But they don't even want to put the effort in.

      And dads get lazy and fat, sit on the couch drinking beer watching football, or playing video games, and their wife? What does she do? Bored out of her mind, by a guy that is no longer sexually attractive. And hence the term, 'well she likes sex alright, just not with you.'

      So I maintain that the burden of performance is on the man. He must maintain his physique, his income, his health, and entertain his woman if she is going to maintain her desire for him. Otherwise it all goes out the window.

      Where do we go from here?

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  • Its simple, feminism needed an enemy, that was men. They also drove to destroy the family unit and getting men to turn against women was a lot harder then having a woman turn against a man (biology, we are wired to provide and protect women while women are wired to use us in this regard. You cannot empathize with some one you expect to fight to the death for you, to work their lives away in a field or factory, to see them as equal while you leave them behind on a sinking ship while you flee to safety etc.). It was also easier to separate a man from his child because he is biologically speaking not tied to it. A woman must carry it for nine months, then breast feed it for years, her brain floods with oxytocin upon holding that baby for the first time so her bond with that child is physically stronger then that of a fathers who has only his feelings and social pressure keeping him attached to the child. This destroyed the family unit and that was the goal but in order to do that you need to find the weakest points and break them, so they turned women against men and especially fathers, they then created a system that pushed fathers out of their child's life. They further pushed for this by claiming that women could "do it all" even though we would never even think to tell a man that. This made women think that a father, a husband was unneeded despite the catastrophic damage fatherlessness does to a child and by extension society. The only question is why did they do this? Post modernist despised modern society and do everything they can to undo it, feminist wanted more power and privilege for women (who already had more then men did), and I think politicians wanted votes and power and the best way to do that is lure women to them with the promise of wealth redistribution (which women have always voted for, in general, based upon at least one Harvard study) which would make the woman dependent on the state rather then her husband and father of her children and would allow for the state to essentially raise the child through public education removing any non statist ideas from them by removing the one person who would be most against it. Now was this all intentional? I don't know but it feels that way, if we look this is how it all came to pass and has done all the things that benefit these groups to the detriment of every one else. Whether this is apparent due to hindsight or because of intent I don't know.

  • The family structure is very deteriorated, and it starts with dads not being respected. You look at courts during child custody rulings and you see moms being given full custody most of the time, even when the dad is a good person, and even worse, when the mom is a piece of shit. It just shows that it's not just a media thing, it's a society problem. The government, the justice system, the law... they don't believe a dad is necessary in a kid's life, and that's detrimental for kids, and we see that all the time. It's not a coincidence that in the US, more than 70% of inmates were raised without a dad.

    This doesn't free men of their fault though. It's not all men being victims of this, we also help perpetrate this bad view of dads when we abandon our kids, when we decide sex is more important than protection and raising your kid.
    Dads are more important than society believes, and we need to bring them back into the family. "The family" should be one of the things we should strive for as a society. We need strong families if we don't want our society to crumble.

  • Dude, you really need to do a lot more in terms of explaining what the video is, what it is about, and what do you think is "dad bashing" exactly.


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