Argumentative husband? argues over EVERYTHING??

wtf, I am so mad!

OK, so why does he have to argue with me on everything?

like every little thing?

if I say my cousins name is pretty he will 100% disagree with me. we've been together a year and a half so I totally know how he is like.

if I say I like the black frame picture frame, then he will say he likes the white.

If I say I like the berry candle he will say he likes the apple candle. WE end up getting everything he wants, in every shade he wants. it is as if My voice doesn't even count! and when I ask him to do something he always complains. but with me, he doesn't even have to ask, I already do everything for him! all the errands! omg, I am just so sick of this guys sh*t. I wish to f***en leave him alone. what do you guys think? Or maybe there is something in him that I can't see? He says he never argued with his ex girlfriend of 3 years, why is he arguing with me over every little thing. it's like he doesn't like me or what the f*** is it? Why do I always end up with douche bags... or is it I allow them to f***en treat me that way? Maybe I should just point my foot down... and tell him How I like it. and tell him, go f*** someone else, because you aren't getting none. I am done. sh*t...


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  • Why did you marry this guy if he makes you so unhappy?

    Either start standing up for yourself or look at divorce options.

    • thanks, we talk about divorce all the time.

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