Should I stay or should I go?

I knew this guy from tinder and we've been messaging like more than a month, we've had 3 dates and all of them were fun. Then, a few days ago he said he'd like to meet me and want to say something. I agreed. It turns out he told me that few days ago he just got into a relationship with a girl he'd known for a year and he asked me 'not to expect anything more from our (him and me) relationship than just a mere friendship'. He said that he told me those things bcs he needs to assure his girlfriend that nothing's going on between me and him, and he just wants to clear things up between us.

And lord, that's probably too late because I'm already develop some kind of feeling for him. Also, he keeps saying that he still wants us to be friends and said "it would be too bad if we didn't stay friends because I really liked discussing things with you." He also said that it's okay for us to engaged in the usual convo (messages, etc) just like the usual, and when I asked him whether it's okay for her girlfriend if we keep doing this and he answered: "that's fine, we already clear things up, I'll just tell her that you're my friend."

Then he said, "please don't be awkward, just act like usual. Nothing's changed between us." (pft yeah, like hell). So guys, can you give me some advice on this? Does he saying that because he only wants to keep me around in case things didn't work out between him and his gf? Or is it because he just really want to be friends?

Should I stay? Should I go?


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