Should I break up?

Happy holidays everyone!
I find myself in a complicated situation.
I have a boyfriend of 2 years, he loves me and I think I still love him as well. Throughout our relationship we've had many fights, lots of them were pretty bad, screaming throwing stuff etc. my boyfriend has a very short temper and gets so incredibly angry with me sometimes. I could say most of the fights we had were because of small things, maybe some miss understandings.
A bad fight broke off a few says ago because I did not want him to smoke weed at my house. he does this all the time and each time I ask him nicely to not to that here any more, I even begged him, but not once in 6 months has he changed his mind. Is this wrong of me to ask?
After putting up with each other for this long I think I finally decided to break up. I feel unappreciated and sad. He was violent towards me and now I have bruises on me because of him. It s not the first time. I must say, yes I am to blame for picking a fight by complaining about stuff he does or by telling him not to do something but I don t think my argumentative nature weights the same as his violence.
I am on the fence.. should I break up with him? I don't want to end it because most of the time we are happy together but that day something has surly changed.
I should mention that I also think have feelings for someone else, there s this guy who I like, I told him I have feelings for him but his answer was that he does not to ruin my current relationship. This was when he did not know how my relationship actually is.
The day of the fight I left my home because my boyfriend did not want too and called someone to meet me.
I also messaged this guy who is away for holiday. I told him what happened and he replied whit a few short sentences if he was talking to a stranger he did not care about at all. I told him after, that his response disappointed and hurt me, he apologised and that was it. I felt hurt and needed him...
what is your advice on my situation?
Should I break up?
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