What do you think should I do after she cheated and lied?

I've been seeing a girl for almost five years and we're engaged. She went out with her friends to a club. I trusted her because she's never cheated or even flirted with other guys. She was also a virgin when we met so that means she'd be more loyal. Last year she told me she was pregnant and we decided to start a family together because we agreed at the beginning if the baby would be healthy we'd keep it.

This past Monday she had the baby but I said I needed a paternity test before I said I was the father because I wanted to be 100% sure because some girls lie to guys about being the father. She said she didn't mind if I really wanted a paternity test. I found out last night that the results showed I'm not the father.

I confronted her last night and she was crying saying she made a big mistake and had a one night stand at a club. She hoped it was mine but was afraid of losing me. She said she doesn't know at all who the father is and that it will be impossible to find out. She said she doesn't know what she'll do without me. She said she had a little too much to drink and wasn't thinking properly. She said she's been trying to make it up to me and show she loves me. I know she does and I still love her a lot but I don't know if I can stay after what she did. Her baby is white, with blonde hair and blue eyes, so that makes the situation a little better. I'm not racist but if she had a interracial baby then I would have left immediately because everyone would view me as a total cuck.

She's almost 21 so people might say she made a common mistake but cheating isn't a mistake even if its one night.

She really betrayed and hurt me, and what she did has sort of humiliated me. What do you think I should do in this situation? I told her last night I was calling off the wedding but I'd give it time to think about staying with her.
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  • Calling off the wedding is a good idea. I mean this is a tricky situation to be in. Yes she made a mistake but do you really want to stay with her? The trust has gone. Now she’s cheated you’re gonna be paranoid she’ll do it again if she goes out with the girls again to a club. Maybe it’s best to take a break right now?

    • Your right. I wouldn't trust her to go to clubs without me or go to places without me where she has a good opportunity to cheat. It might be better if I just ended the entire relationship.

Most Helpful Guys

  • You already are a total cuck if u stay race means nothing u clown she can say she made a mistake but she choose to not tell u if u was the farther u would never know till this day because she don't respect u but with you're logic that she is a virgin so she is more trust worthy makes me laugh

    • You think I should leave her?

    • That's you're choice to a certain extent I can understand staying if u claim u both love each other and all she did was cheat but she simply put would have never told u and let u grow this other man's child u none the wiser that's what for me I couldn't forgive that u was not given the choice

  • "Her baby is white, with blonde hair and blue eyes, so that makes the situation a little better. I'm not racist but if she had a interracial baby then I would have left immediately because everyone would view me as a total cuck."
    No, my friend. You are a racist for saying that! why does it matter what the father looks like? that baby is not yours to begin with. The fact that you take race into consideration only proves that are you in fact racist!
    You are going to say that people won't be able to tell that you are not the father because the baby is "white" just like the two of you, but deep in your soul and heart you every single time you will look at that kid that YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!
    Stay if you are dumb. Only proves just how tough "men" are nowadays.
    This makes me sick...
    ~ "I'm a man on a mission; stay out of my way."

    • you will know every single time you will look at that kid that YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER*

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  • I would obviously get rid of the liar. I wouldn't trust or respect her after that. She's shown she's about her self interests. She didn't do it because of alcohol. She did it because she wanted to fuck that guy. How likely do you think it is that that is the only time she's cheated? You can't trust her.

    Do you to have an income disparity?

  • Cheaters always have excuses, justification, etc. but it reflects an intentional act done with full knowledge of the potential consequences. Don't expect her behavior to improve over time.

  • give her a chance to proof her love for you. you've been hurt, now it's your turn to earn respect from her like "no more clubing" or "don't ever meets your friend again" (cause i think her friend is the cancer). with something like that you can see how far she's willing to respect you. you do love her right? at least keep her out from doing the same mistakes.

  • If i were you i would leave her no matter what.
    But i may try to help her get that other man whose baby she had got.

    Such a relationship is already unhealthy, trying to improving it is not my thing, i dont take such big risks.
    I would find another partner for myself.
    Having a baby with other man, and not telling about it is not a small thing atall!🙏
    I would not raise my child with either such a parent.

    • And one thing you shld know any women properly before you make any kind of relationship with them.
      They are not as easy as men think they appear to be.
      Both on positive and negative sides.

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    • I mean that they are not as easy to understand as men think they have understood a women.

      Dude dont lose your self respect. Leave it!
      Life is more worth with happiness and healthy style than to get stick with same old cheater girl waiting for new girl.

      She has done it with random guy!!! Thats too far. One possiblly can't do anything with any random person if they are comitted to someone already.

      And she hid it from you 'hoping' you will never find out and the truth shall never be revealed.
      But since u took precautions, ypu found out truth, else you would be living a life of deception.

      Value yourself more, she didn't value you. Dont fall for her cry!
      You are important, not such any other person.
      When there is love, the partner becomes more valuable than anyone else on earth, clearly she isn't that partner.
      Dont waste your time and energy still being with her.
      I agree beautiful girls get guys easily.
      But their life doesn't remain always beautiful after they get a beautiful girl.
      Example- you yourself got a beautiful girl, ask yourself how beautiful did your life turn?

      Dont run behind Beauty, that may lead to greed. Run behind what will fill your life!

    • Its better to be alone than with a bad company or companion.

      Life is still long, you will get what you deserve.
      I hope you dont wanna carry regret or burden of this situation.
      End it asap.
      Its her fault that lead to these situations, its upto her to make on her own now! She will face her part of life which is coming which she created based on her incorrect decisions.

      Dont make your decision wrong for someone else, like her.

  • It's a tough situation but personally I'd say walk away... There's no way to get that trust back... And who's to say she hasn't been doing this for longer?

  • Dump her ass. The kid isn't yours, you don't have to pay child support.

  • My advise: Don't be a cuckold.

  • Leave. Always leave a cheating twat,

  • Nice story bro

  • Move on.

  • Leave the bitch and never speak to her or look at her again in your life. There shouldn't even be a dilemma in such cases. The baby is not yours either way so there is absolutely nothing that ties you to that piece of shit.

    • even if you are stupid enough to take her back, your relationshipt will never, I repeat N E V E R work out, cheating kills everything permanently

  • what do you think you should do?

    • I feel like leaving but I think I'll stay in the relationship. Calling off the engagement and wedding is probably enough and then see how things go from there.

    • i think giving positive reinforcement to a negative action, would be a bad idea

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