I feel like my fiance would rather spend time with his uncle than with me?

They're really close, more like brothers because my fiance's grandparents raised him. We live in a triplex and his grandparents live on the floor above us. His uncle recently moved in with them. They're always hanging out. Whatever his uncle wants to do, he does. If his uncle called him and said "let's go drive around/let's go walk around in Walmart/I'm bored let's hang out in the garage" he would immediately leave. I've asked him plenty of times to go on walks with me or just drive around and other stuff, but he never wants to. Almost every morning even before saying anything to me he goes upstairs to hang out with his uncle for a while. Last night he was in a bad mood and I went to talk to him but he said he needed time. A little while later I went in to see if he was ok and if he wanted to talk about it. He got really mad and went upstairs. Not even 2 minutes later I heard him and his uncle talking and laughing. They went to go get pizza, they rented a movie to watch, and I was home all alone for hours because I wanted to see what was wrong with him. He said he just felt bombarded with my questions and he didn't mean to hurt my feelings but that his uncle didn't bombard him. Today I went to my mom's. I came home and my fiance was gone. Turns out he went to go walk around Walmart with his uncle because they were bored. He got dropped off at home but 20 minutes later when his uncle got back, he went into the garage with him and some of their friends to drink and what not. He told me he was just gonna go talk to him for a second and he'd be right back, that was about half an hour ago. I'm so tired of watching him clearly be happier spending time with other people and turn down the things I want to do with him then go do them with someone else. I also don't want to be controlling and have it seem like I want him to never speak to him again or whatever. How do I bring this up?


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