What can I do to help this relationship build up for my crush, she is acting different can someone help?

So one a very long time ago (4 years ago) I met this girl that was in my homeroom. I was the new kid there and got some attention, but that one girl I was friends with. As she said back then we had a normal friend relationship that one school year. The next one she is not in my homeroom nor my classes I could never just approach her and say "what ever happened about us being friends?" because she was with a group of girls all of the time and I did not want it to become awkward but then fast forward to 4 years and I am back in her home room and all of her classes and we both get this once glance. Its not a like I hate you glance like a normal stare or something, about a month ago I wrote a note asking why she has just ignored me though out these years and put it in her locker one of my friends told me she seen it and thew it away I don't know if because it was in front of the whole grade but as soon as I heard that I though all of my nostalgic memories have just left my brain like it never happened sooner after that we got assigned seats in groups and I was assigned to sit right by her and then we have a awkward stare and talk for once and she said it was too much (for the note) but then she still looks at me with her fingers in her mouth and like not in a mean way. I just want to know what this means. Also I don't know what she might have a crush on my friend. And I hang with my friend and she comes around my friend in a flirting way I got jelly but kept it to my self and then I do some "show off stuff" in the next class before that she was fine. But then the next class she is all like depressed or something like that and I have no Idea what to do its like you want to help her ask her what is wrong but then I guess I am shy. We also have so so much in common and she knows we do. Still we get these stares and smiles when I glance across the room can someone tell me what is going on? or if I can get up there and ask her what is wrong when she looks sad?


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  • Spend some quality time wid her


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