How do I know if he likes me?

We are just friends and he talks to other girls. How do I know if he really likes me?


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  • Simple ask him

    • That’s what I’m scared to do, because what if he say no

    • I mean we been texting and seeing each other as friends for over a year.

    • If he said no, he said no... it is a reality of life. Not everyone will have to like u back if u like them...
      Accept it and move on
      at least u will not lose your time.

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  • He will talk to you more than he does other girls.

    • Yeah but I don’t know how much he talk to the other girls, that’s where I’m stuck at. I don’t wanna ask because we aren’t in a relationship so it’s really none of my business. Right?

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    • You're just a friend then. it has been a year and he hasn't asked you on a proper date and he talks about other girls.

    • It doesn't sound like he's interested. If he was, i'm telling you now.. he would make it so obvious you wouldn't be questioning it. It would be a lot more direct than casually meeting up

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  • Spend more time.
    Until you or he confess to other.
    Or at least till u become confident that he is that person as you know in your mind.

  • He will ask you out on a date or pay more attention to you.

    • We been talking for over a year, a date never really came about but we see each other sometimes and hang out. Wym about paying more attention?

    • You will have to ask him out on a date since he never asked you and if he says no then he sees you more as a friend.

      If he pays more attention to you in a group of friends it would be a good sign

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