Why is my ex girlfriend calling my best friend asking if I can come and help her in hospital?

She dumped me for another guy and we don't talk for 12 weeks and 2 nights ago she called my friend and asked if he's home and then asked if i'm home to help her in hospital apparently she crashed a car lol, I don't believe it because, there were so many other options she could of went to she didn't have to call my friend and also couldn't she call me instead? why him? and in general why call him anyway? she has a boyfriend couldn't he take care of it?

I don't get it because she didn't even inform her ex of 8 months and also she's friends with his sister and she never informed her I don't think, and then next morning some random girl who's friends with my ex's friend called saying that me and my friend are digusting and heartless for not showing up at the hospital... like what? it's not even my responsibility, and she's been horrible to me since the break up why would I show up in anyway? It's not my problem, her parents and her boyfriend should take care of it not her ex, and I dont even believe this accident was real..

Any thoughts?


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