Why do dumpers get emotional to see the dumpee happy?

I don't understand why the dumper gets angry or emotional to see someone they dumped happy. Aren't you suppose to be happy for them or at least show indifference? Whats your story or opinion on this?

Basically she broke up with me 7 month ago for few reasons:
-immaturity on both our parts
- short relationship

We started talking again 4 month after the breakup. A week later she showed up at our school and saw me just chilling and having a good time at my hangout spot. She started almost posting daily pictures and videos of hangouts with friends, selfies, and other guys at times. I was truly happy for her (she had told me she was feeling depressed) so me thinking that we were on friendly terms shot her a text telling her that i was happy she was feeling good again. Left me on read so i didn't do anything else to bother her again. (i understand enough to know spamming is a behavior people output when they are hurt)

Shot me a text about a month later on Christmas and we started talking again. Always one of the first to view my stories and replied fast to my text (I like to see who views them). 2 weeks later came to the school again. We saw each other but i was working out so i didn't go over to talk to her. Whole process seemed to repeat itself once again.
- block and unblock on social media
-block on snap map and doesn't view my stories
-ignores me and becomes cold to me

I'm not here hoping to know if she wants me back but to understand peoples behavior and why they do this. What is your opinion or story on this subject?


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