He’s still friends with his exes?

I’m currently dating a guy who isn’t a player at all. He’s very sweet and chivalrous, however, he’s still friends with two of his exes. Both of them currently live a few states away from us, so there’s distance. However, he still talks to them everyday. He seems very loyal to me, we spend a lot of time together and he makes sure to pleasure me. Should I be worried?


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  • Nope, no need to be worried. I understand his situation, as I'm best friends with my ex.

    • Do you still have feelings for her?

    • Be honest. And if you do, is it possible to just remain friends with her?

    • No romantic feelings whatsoever. The thing about being friends with an ex is that you are attached to the person in a different way. You were in a relationship, and while in the relationship you formed a bond. This bond, upon downgrading to friend status, doesn't break. It merely... shapeshifts.

      Instead of thinking of the person with a feeling of infatuation, lust, and butterflies, your feelings gradually morph into thinking of them as a sister/brother that you're used to. So basically, to sum it up, once breaking up with someone and truly trying to remain friends, you lose any sort of romantic love for them, and you start seeing them in a sort of "sibling" light, assuming of course the person in question is completely over their exes.

      Your guy in the description sounds over them. Is he doing anything unusual other than simply texting his exes that might make you believe he would go back to them?

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