I’m so confused... help me?

I’ve been dating this girl since Christmas and we get along great when we are together but I haven’t seen her in almost two weeks. I hardly ever hear from her texting or calling. Talking to her during the day I’ll text her and I won’t hear from her but every 2 to 3 hours after each text. Last week we made plans to do something one day, she said she was tired and pushed it back to the next day and that’s reoccurred everyday til we met up one night just to grab a bit to eat, actually made plans to do something the next night on Saturday night. When that came, at 5 pm she told me she was going to go to a party for her work at 6 and it was only going to last and hour, and I was totally fine with it cause I figured we’d do something after that. I didn’t hear from her til almost 9 and nothing was brought up about the plans we had together and that was it. I’ve been trying to talk to her so we can get on the same page because she says she’s not used to all this stuff cause she’s never really been in a relationship. So I’ve been trying to get us together to talk and it finally happened last night where she brought it up that she wanted to talk in person. And she said tonight. I text her this morning and she said we were still on for meeting to talk, she had a few things to do but she’s let me know when we would meet. I’ve only heard from her 4 times today, nothing else has been said about it since this morning and I haven’t heard from her in over 2 hours, it’s almost 7 pm where I am.

thoughts on my situation?
I don't know what’s going on!


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  • Ditch the broad if she's playing games she dont want you


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