Is he just using me?

Long story. There's this guy I've like liked for awhile and he liked me back, we never dated, but he said he wanted to date me. He said he wanted to see what happens. Not too long ago I gave him a bj and he said he liked it, after that he hasn't really talked to me. I removed him on my social because I felt that he used me, but I added him back because it was a rude of me to remove him without telling him why ( I told him why when I added him again). He told me he was fine if I didn't want to be friends with him anymore and was at peace. I told him that I just want to be friends and he said he's cool with it. Did he see me as a girlfriend or was he just using me all along?


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  • He got a bj he doesn't care less about you. Sorry to say that but he got what he wanted and moved on.
    If a guy likes you he would stay. Maybe he didn't care for the bj.
    Either way he used your emotions against you.

    Move on find a good guy to care for you.

    • Im sorry he's a jerk.

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    • I think he wanted to go all the way because I heard him say let's finish this quickly and told me to take off my pants.

    • All I can say Jerk.

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