If your ex boyfriend texted you “I guess I am moving on”, does he mean he is not sure if he really wants to end this relationship?

If he texts you “sorry for hurting you. I guess I am moving on” does he mean he isn’t sure if he really wants to end this relationship and move on. Because he once said someone is moving on is different from someone has moved on. Should I cut all the contact or try to get him back slowly. I still like him but we both hurt each other in some ways


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  • I think he may be a little bit insecure.
    Guys dont like hearing women are talking to their exs.
    Msybe he feels if you are sparking a conversation with your ex he doesmt want any part of it.
    Im also thinking that he is telling you he might have to move on. I dont think he is thinking straight.
    He may love you but he is not having your ex in his life.
    I know in my life I do not like being compared to an ex.

    Best of luck.

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      Aw maybe I should have made the context clearer.. I’m not seeing anyone or having any boyfriend atm. Just me and my ex in the context. The question is his reply just sounds like he isn’t sure about the ending of the relationship. Yeah you are right I am also thinking he’s not thinking straight but I don’t really know what he’s thinking and I don’t want to bother him or make myself miserable. He says he guess he is moving on... what guys thinking when they say they guess? They can either say yes I’m moving on or no I’m not moving on..

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