So do all guys talk like this about their girlfriends when they’re upset? Is it normal?

Yesterday I asked my boyfriend to let me see his phone because I had a suspicion that he was hiding something. So I found a conversation between him and his best friend where my boyfriend was calling me a bunch of names. I had a miscarriage about 2 weeks ago and I had texted his best friend that I was bleeding so he could let my boyfriend know. My boyfriend answered that he did not care and that I was just looking for pity
But do you think it’s excusable because we had an argument the day before and that’s why he thought I was making up the fact that I was bleeding and that’s why he was calling me a bunch of names like “shes’s An idiot” “vieja loca idiota” “bitch”?


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  • Seriously why put up with the loser. You need a man. Not a little wuss boy. Seriously would of been more concerned on how you were feeling. This guy is a moron.

  • Fuck that dude, find another fish


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