Is he doing that on purpose?

So i turned my boyfriend snapchat map thing on were u can see the location but yesterday and tday it didin’t show up so i couldn’t see his location. I asked yesterday did he took it away he acted confused and said no. Then it was on again so i could see and now its the morning about 10:00am i think he is asleep but now i can’t see it again so i’ts off. So is he taking it away or its autonatically doing that if u don’t use snapchat for awhile?
Yea he used to fuck me over and do things so i don’t compelely trust him


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  • I've never heard of it disappearing. He may be turning it off. Sounds a little sketchy.

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      I tried to googleit and they said that it can disappear after 8 hours if they don’t use the app not sure if thats accurate

  • The fact you turned his location on is abit daunting. And sometimes it does go away but he might try and avoid it to not cause an argument.

    • 5d

      Why daunting?

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    • 5d

      What do u mean by contradicting

    • 5d

      You say one thing but your acting upon the other, like when your on a diet to make you feel healthy but the bad temptation makes you eat donuts.

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