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So my guy friend is in a long distance relationship with his girlfriend. They live in different countries. He says he loves her a lot but he confided too me that he cheated on her a few times with some girl he met. On Facebook he has a pic of him and his girlfriend and his girlfriend didn't even like it. Even all his other photos, she didn't like. On her profile, she has no evidence of him like even in relationship status, his name is not there and he didn't like even one of the girlfriends photos. He talks and says he loves her but it sounds like the weirdest relationship and he talks to me about it a lot. Does it sound broken too you or strange?


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  • That does sound strange. If he's happy then go him but I sincerely doubt he's actually happy.


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  • Ok, so not everyone's relationships are displayed all over Facebook, and not everyone thinks it matters to "like" everything a lover posts.

    But it really sucks that he cheated.

    I personally think most people find out their LDRs are a waste of time, and make them go long periods of being very lonely.

    I honestly do not know why so many young people get into them.

    • True.. They only really work when both are committed and willing to make plans for the future already.
      Any half hearted attempt is a waste of time basically.
      If one still wants to play around, like this guy does apparently, then he'd better stick to that.

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