How do I get my ex boyfriend back?/What should I do?

I broke up with my ex-boyfriend in December during an argument for things he wasn't doing. Something I kept talking to him about. He is a cancer male & i am pisces female. Communication is his weakest point & very sensitive. I was the one fixing the relationship every time there was a problem. I got tired of it & wanted him to step up & do it. I was always patient &understanding with him.
A few days before the break up, he did say i love you & want to be with you (due to a few things i wrote which i said i shouldn't have to ask for love from you) anyway, he acknowledged it &apologised, but he still didn't do the things that were needed a long time ago in the relationship. In that moment all I heard were the same excuses and i got tired of it. I ended it because i felt i had to for my own self-worth etc. In the past, due to the same problem, i said the same i am finished, goodbye etc, and we spoke after, but it keeps going back to the same thing. This time around, i was pretty harsh, not rude or disrespectful, but just direct, not my usual way of speaking to him. I waited for him to say or do something the 1st and 2nd day after the breakup, & nothing. I reached out the 3rd-day ¬hing. He ignored my calls, messages, emails etc. I decided to email him merry Christmas he responded complimenting the food i prepared.
He only responds if i contact him as long as it not about the relationship and emotions. I don't know what he is thinking, if he still loves me etc. Last Friday i sent an email expressing how i felt. I did send a letter of apology for the part i played. He said he would read it & reply but nothing. We were together 1yr 12months & long distance. We're both grown adults but he doesn't process emotional things too well. It's a month & 2wks or so since we broke up. He watches everything i post on my whatsapp but still doesn't speak to me.
What does that mean? And What should I do? If he doesn't want back the relationship, why not tell me?
How do I get my ex boyfriend back?/What should I do?
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