Why does he want me, but not love me anymore?

My now ex boyfriend broke up with me thirteen days ago. Nine days ago, he began going out with a new girl. This girl just so happens to be the exact girl that I knew he would go out with if we broke up.

Me and him are now friends, but not the normal kind. Two nights ago, we skyped for three hours. And while we were skyping, his new girlfriend was texting him, but he only responded with one or a few words, and so she eventually went to sleep. We ended up going to sleep at half past twelve (am) even though we had midterms the following day.

And before we even skyped, during the school day, we have study hall the same block. So instead of staying in school while classes were taking midterms, we went out for breakfast with two or our friends. He then paid for my food because he insisted on it. After we walked back to school, we went to a table in the cafeteria to talk. When people filled the tables around us, we moved into the foyer, a place where no one else was and where there were no cameras.

While in the foyer, we were talking and then I asked him to kissed me. I assumed that he would say no because he has a new girlfriend. Instead, he started thinking out loud. He came to the conclusion that he would kiss me, to make me happy. Which he did. But, we ended up making out. He said that it was hormone caused, but I highly doubt it. We went out for ten days less than sixteen months, there is no way in hell this was just hormones.

And yesterday, things took a greater turn toward the interesting. My back was in so much pain that he massaged it for me. Instead if just sitting in the floor, he had me sit on him and he massaged my back that way. And when it was time to go for our next exam, we ended up being the last people in the hallway we eat in. And so we walked through the hall holding hands. And he looked behind us and turned towards me and kissed me (slight make out). One of my freshmen walked by and I knew by her face that she had something to say to me later (she didn't see the kiss, just me and him walking together).

Later that night, I asked him why he kissed me. And he said that I looked like I needed or wanted a kiss.

This whole ordeal is insane, I feel like a complete idiot. The only thing I know is that I still love him and I do want him back.

He asked me how I could still love him even though he was a complete jerk to me for the last week and a half. I answered that I loved him because of who he has been in the past. Spending a little less than sixteen months with him meant so much, and I've pretty much always loved him during that time. It's hard to explain why someone loves another, but I'm still just as in love with him as I was before he broke up with me.

He also said that he doesn't consider it cheating because of who I am to him.
So basically what I'm asking is why does he do all of these things and still claims that he doesn't love me?


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  • Because he's apparently too immature and he's not ready forvanythng serious