Why Do I Feel This Way After We Both Did The Same Thing During Our Break?

So my guy and I took a break after dating for over 2yrs because he had sent a text to me instead of his friend saying he was on a date with another girl... Of course I freaked out he said it was just to get the guy to leave him alone cause we had a lot of drama going on at the time... long story short...

We split for 2 months... in that time we both dated someone else. I realized I wanted to make things work and reached out to him right before New Years and we got back together... Today his best friends girlfriend sends me screenshot texts of him continuing to talk to his ex even after we got back together saying he was cheating but after we had been back together about 2 weeks he had sent her a break up text saying he loved me and we were working on things and he didn't want anything to do with her anymore.

I tried to ask details and piece together what happened because she is calling me nonstop and telling me details about dates they went on with PICTURES to verify. He denied having doing anything past holding hands with the girl until I confronted him with solid proof...

He finally told we the truth about he had started to develop feelings for her but never had sex with her then realized he loved me so he came back but why lie about the relationship? She claims they were sexual and I needed to breakup with him cause he's lair. I was upfront. And why is this girl doing this? She already had another boyfriend by the end of that week. Please help me... I want to believe in him its just a lot to take in right now...
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She had pictures of them laying all over each other and videos of them together but he denied everything until I showed him the pictures she sent me... then he keeps talking to her for 2 weeks after we get back together... I just don"t understand. He did END it but now out of the blue she is trying to ruin everything and sending the pictures to everyone we know.
Why Do I Feel This Way After We Both Did The Same Thing During Our Break?
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