My girlfriend just broke up with me and she said she needs time to think, how much time should I give her?

this has been the most serious relationship she has ever had, for me its my second most serious relationship. she asked me if she could trust me and I said I wasn't sure, and then I said I need time to think about things(I told her we need a break) and I thought about it and realized that yes she could trusted me but when I asked her if she wanted to get back together she said I would love to but she just cant. but I want to get back with her. I need help on what I should do, I love her a lot. please help.


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  • I am going to be brutally honest here so I hope you don't mind. There was a seed of doubt planted in her mind when you revealed you 'weren't sure' if she could trust you. I am not sure why you said that, perhaps you aren't really ready for a serious relationship? Maybe you desire to be with her but want to keep your options open? Only you know the answer to that.

    Perhaps after contemplation, you realized indeed you want a serious relationship once the reality of the break up sunk in. Before you reach out to her ,you need to be absolutely sure because you don't want to be wishy washy. It's unfair to the both of you. Once you decide, then ask to meet her in person and speak to her. Bring her a flower and pour your heart out. Tell her WHY she can trust you, what she and the relationship mean to you and how much you desire it. Express how you have missed her and the void you feel. She needs to hear that and see the seriousness in your eyes to take it to heart.

    I would give her space for about a week or so. This will also enable you to gather your thoughts too. Formulate your decision and act on it.

    Good luck.


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  • she will let you know when... just try to give her space even if you don't want to and the more you give her space the faster shell say times up. :)

  • ... just give her time , no one can predicted the future and if she doesn't want you back you'll fined some one like they say Hun there are lots of fish in the sea


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