What does this dream about this girl I know mean?

this girl that i used to work with me and her were taking at the time but i fucked things up between us last night i had a dream that me and her were holding hands last time i talk to her was two years ago what does this dream mean?


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  • It may have just been that something reminded you of her that day and you dreamed of her that night. If you keep having that same dream, it might be your brain trying to send you a message. In that case:
    when we have recurring dreams, we need to think as if someone from "outer space" :) came to visit us and when we describe our dream, the alien asks us what everything means. When we answer the questions, we can associate our answers with what the dream means.
    For example, if I was the alien, I would ask you: "What did you do that F'd things up?" and "What does holding hands mean to you?" (Remember, I'm from outer space. 😄)
    Depending on your answers, you should be able to associate your answers to what the dream means for you.

    If I were to guess, I would think your dream possibly meant that you feel bad about your messing things up between you and this girl and reaching out (to hold her hand) is like reaching out to her - to reconnect.
    Maybe you need to contact her (if you've learned from your past) and try to re-establish your relationship with her - explaining what you did and what you've learned from the experience (if you regret how things turned out and you would like her in your life again). :)

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      thanks for the help

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      Thank you for your MHO. (•‿•)

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      your welcome

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