I can’t trust my girlfriend and it is eating me alive. I want to but I just can’t do it. What do I do?

I love my girlfriend more than anything but I can’t trust her. Before we got together we were close friends for about 3 years, I’ve always had feelings for her since I met her but things happen anyway she had other boyfriends and I had other girlfriends. We sometimes talked to each other about our relationships, she told me that she cheated on her boyfriend at the time and that’s why they broke up. At the time I didn’t think anything of it but now that we’re together I can’t stop thinking about it. She says she’ll never cheat on me but for all I know she told her ex boyfriend the same thing. Cheating is very common where I’m from, I see it all the time from girls that don’t even seem like they would. It’s starting to make me believe that most females from here are the same, just some get caught and some don’t. I don’t know what to do I really love this girl but I hate having this feeling all the time.


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  • Trust is earned, not just given.
    You don't have to trust her, until you actually trust her.
    Don't feel bad, you can still love her.
    You're just being smart in my opinion.
    Take it from me, I've trusted women completely and blindly and been totally fucked over before.
    Just enjoy her while it lasts because there's no guarantees.
    If she does turn out to be loyal long-term, that's just a bonus.


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  • Even my girlfriend says never trust a woman. You can still love her just the same but in this day and age not fully trusting is a smart move. Remember the saying "watch what they do, not what they say."

  • If there are red flags, you will notice.

  • Just accept it and try not to think about it


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