What else should I do?

how do you soend time with your girlfriend at your her house without getting bored. all we do is talk about her life and watch tv.

im sure what else to do thats fun. going out is not an option. so what do y'all do.

ladies what do y'all find fun while hanging with boyfriend at your place whatd u like to do?


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  • Someone needs to be the initiator/leader.

    • meaning? she's a home body, i set up a date this Friday. but i have been doing everything first, always. what am i supposed to do? i get the topic going, we talk, watch tv, she has a son so going out its not an option.

    • It sounds like she’s become complacent. The only thing you can do is communicate. Tell her how you feel about having to always be the initiator. Tell her you feel that it is not equal in the relationship. Try to work it out through communication. People aren’t mind readers... they don’t know exactly how you feel about stuff until you tell them

    • i did, if your in a relationship the basics should already be known, dont talk bout your baby daddy, told her i do not compete, i dont take your phone out while talking, and flirting with others is a no go.
      bad enough i have ta tell her that she unintentionally want attention from other guys and she needs to speak up. she had her tits on ol boi arm or bad standing close to him, nudge him when he make her laugh, and manger was dancing up on her. luckily she got a new job and but yold her how tha made me feel. i dont get a sorry. but a " this why i dont want to work up there now, they are full of drama." im like bush if you wouldn't of shown interest theyd back off.

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