Who do I show his family they can trust me and I will take care of there son?

I went on a camping trip with some friends. we decided it be fun if we camp outside under the stars one night so we did. Whilst there this guy came with us to, he was very shy so I got talking with him and he was very sweet and kind. Then of my friends took me to the side and told me to be careful as he has autism and his parents are very over proactive over him.

I didn't really notice it myself and just saw him the same as everyone else just a little bit more quiet so I just kept talking with him and I let him help me make a fire and cook for everyone. He told me he actually really enjoys cooking, so we kept encouraging him to cook to help him get out of his shell a little.

Then his mum and dad came over to check on him, they treat him like a baby and I could tell he felt embarrassed. He's a perfectly capable young man, they make him doubt himself by fusing over him. As soon as I came over to talk to them and be friendly his mum gave me such a dirty look and she kept discouraging him to come out with us by constantly asking him if he wanted to come back with them but he said no.

Later that night he started to open up to me a little more and I started to realise i really liked him no matter what people thought and we kissed.

Ever since we've been dating and his parents disaprove of me and think I don't understand. I understand him more than they do. they don't listen to him, they just treat him like he's a victim or something. He's a grown man and he needs to have his own life and be happy. They don't care for what he has to say.

Then his mum found out we were sleeping together and she went mental at me and called me a slut and told me to leave. I've not seen him since but we still text and I can tell this is upsetting him just as much as it upsets me.

For the sake of him I really want to prove to his mother but I care about him and they can trust me. He's 21 like me and he deserves to have a normal life just like every other 21 year old does.
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Well so far he's just told his mum to go fuck herself and now he's driving to mine to spend the weekend with me. I'm actually in shock because he not really that type of person but It was kinda funny to see the look of his mums face
Who do I show his family they can trust me and I will take care of there son?
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