Is he wrong for putting her out?

On mother’s day my sister went missing

every holiday especially Mother’s Day she comes home or at least calls, she wouldn’t even answer a text that day, we thought she was with her boyfriend ignoring everybody.

My mom calls her boyfriend & he thinks she’s at home.
she's been gone all day, she won’t answer her phone & nobody knows where she is.

Finally late at night she drunk calls my mom
She’s in a bar with 2 random guy
My mom was scared so she asked her boyfriend to go pick her up, he did and apparently they argued in the car.

He dropped her off here Instead of his house
He kicked her out for awhile.

Was he wrong?
Everyone’s talking about him.. sayIng bad things because my sisters crying.. Everyone’s on her side even though we all know she was wrong.
Yes he was wrong
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Is he wrong for putting her out?
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