Fellow Girls! I need your opinion. What is this girls intention?

So there is this girl who was before I and my boyfriend got together, in his "school" circle.

They weren't friends but they were a small group in class who were together.
I was in the same class. ... I try to make the backstory short.

For some reasons she always tried to annoy me. She always tried to be better than me.
She copied things or characteristics from me others complimented me on..
She obviously flirted or tried to get near my now boyfriend (even though she had a boyfriend by the time and knew I had a crush)
She always tried to brag around how she is like a mother for everyone because she makes toooo much for others.
She always tried to exclude me from friends and him by interrupting our conversations (suddenly speaking their mother tongue Spanish , i don't understand)
I will never understand her. She hates me, I don't like her.

Now to the point. She deleted our numbers after graduation (me and my boyfriend , she kept the numbers of my friends)

Now after one year she gratulated my boyfriend on his birthday and added his number again. But she didn't add my number. 1 day prior was her bday.
I don't understand. What is this girls intention?


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  • She just doesn’t like you. That’s it.
    I honestly don’t get why people think everyone needs to like them and that there are alterior motives if they don’t... clearly you don’t like her; you have your reasons but she may have similar reasons for why she doesn’t like you.
    Her wishing your boyfriend a happy birthday doesn’t mean she’s into him. It’s far more likely she remembered because it’s close to her own and they used to be friends

    • 2 d ago

      Hello nice replyer,
      Let me be clear. I know she has a boyfriend she happily loves. I am not asking if she is into him. I am also not asking why she gratulated him.

      You stated the obvious. I don't like her and she doesn't like me. And I am happy with it. Did I ever say that I want that everyone loves me?

      I honestly don't understand why people think they can already judge others completely after hearing a quarter of a story...

      But ok I try to respect your opinion. Maybe she did it because of the birthday being near to him. It is a possibilty.
      Just let a girl vent a bit won't you?

    • 2 d ago

      It’s not a website for venting, it’s a website to ask questions and gather opinions.
      You’ve asked a question; what’s the girls intention for messaging your boyfriend when she doesn’t like you.
      I’ve answered. It’s nothing to do with you and expanded on why that is because you seem to take issue with her not liking you based on the 200+ words outlining it

    • 2 d ago

      Oh man...
      I am still gathering opinions, venting is a side effect.
      And I did take your opinion. It's a good perspective I didn't see.

      I've asked a question, you've answered.
      You've told me your opinion but you have also made a conclusion about me after hearing a small part of my story. I tried to tell you.

      Now you make a new conclusion.. and I try to tell you again:
      Well I have an issue with her. But not an issue with her not liking me. Because I don't like her either you know?
      200+ words are not enough for outlining my issues with her.. I swear.

  • She sounds very insecure and she likely fancies your boyfriend. She thinks that behaving similarly to you might make him like her, but at the same time, she's jealous of you. As long as your boyfriend isn't talking to her and shutting her down, then there's nothing to worry about.


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