3 months and struggling to cope?

I broke up with my girlfriend 3 months ago. It was mutual but I felt back into a corner. I tried and tried to fix the situation but she didn't seem interested. We stopped seeing eachother mainly because she wouldn't be busy a lot. After a while I started to lose hope as it seemed to be me only putting in the effort. She told me she was unhappy last year and I tried to fix things but obviously it didn't work, even though on the rare occasion we saw eachother for a good amount of time, she would tell me not to worry. She took a lot of what I aid the wrong way, she would get upset and I would end up apologising. I was just trying to explain how I was feeling. When we would see it eachother she would hardly talk. If I asked why she wouldn't see me, she would tell me something like she will cancel her plans and come out with me then knstaead because I have asked... kind of made me feel like I was being a nuisance and not because SHE wanted to see me. In the end we broke up because I couldn't see any other way. People have said to me that she did it to force a mutual break up because she didn't want to be the one to break up... I don't know. Anyway after we broke up I sent her a letter and thanked her for the great time she we had, that I'm sorry for what went on and that I still love and care for her. She responded and thanked me. We then messaged a couple of times afterwards (she initiated) to see how I was. I have been not great since the break up, still feeling it now. It was then left for weeks until I messsaged her and we had a chat, just polite, she seemed a bit distant. I told her I would love to try again and that I was sorry for everything that went on, that I still care for her and I'm miss what we had. She messaged me back and said thankyou and that she doesn't know of we can try again... I text her back and said that I understand... she then replied saying she can't give me an answer at the moment... to which I replied again being very understanding.
6 d ago
since last message I sent she has ignored and unread on purpose. Yet posts a lot more on social media seeming v happy and seems to be doing fine. I'm here still struggling withe break up. Why is she ignore me like this? What should I Do? If I message her again I will come across desperate and needy. It's been six weeks now since I last sent the message andshe has ignored. I'm struggling everyday missing her but she obvs not feel the same? :(


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  • Its common for guys to struggle like this after a breakup. Dont just sit around and think about. Take up a new hobby hang out with friends and talk to other girls.

    • 5 d ago

      Do girls get over it easier?

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