Do you agree with this statement about "ghosting" a person?

I kind of agree as we are humans who deserve to know what went wrong if indeed there was something that went wrong and if there was nothing wrong is not even fair or respectful to leave a person without at least some explanation so we know if we need to apologize or not and not just ghost the person without reason, motive or explanation and left a person with unanswered questions, especially when the person did not do anything.
Do you agree with this statement about


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  • I agree yes. If you don't wanna talk, say it, don't just stop texting.

    If are you gonna be busy, say it, don't just stop texting, letting me wait for a response and such.

  • There doesn't need to be an explanation for ghosting. The explanation is very clear, you have hurt me and I no longer value your presence in my life.

    • 4 d ago

      But what is there no reason for it? I mean that is what some explanation may be needed because mayeb unconsiosly the person did something and he or she is nt aware what it was if she is nto todl what happened. It happened to me.

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