Does my boyfriend still want me?

We've been together only 3 months but I often feel like my boyfriend doesn't like me or is tired of me. It's not really anything he does but I feel like I need constant reassurance from him. I dont like to ask in case I annoy him.
I'm completely insecure. At the moment, he's having trouble with sex due to things in his past which I try to understand the best I can but often I feel this is personal to me because from the sounds of it, he used to have sex with his previous girlfriend's all the time.
I feel like he liked his exes more than me and I get jealous and anxious but I dont know how to stop.
Tbh, all I want is to sort out our sex life but the more I talk about it, it seems the more he feels pressured, even though I'm always saying that i want us to both enjoy it.
I just want to stop feeling insecure about it all


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  • I think the first thing that you have to remember is that if he werent physically attracted to you, he would not be in a relationship with you for as long as he has. And maybe if he doesn't really want to talk about it, then it's more likely that he is having personal issues and is trying to work through them. But it's totally okay to feel insecure in a situation like this because there's no worse feeling than having sex issues in a relationship. It's just something that you need to work out together.


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