6 month intimate relationship with older friend.. he still acts jealous.. once jealous/territorial, always that way?

Had a 6 month intimate relationship back in 2016 with an older friend. He claimed it was strictly casual.. when people he knew that were other men were nice to me.. he’d act weird.. but when I’d say something.. he’d say it didn’t bother him. One particular friend of his offered to show me how to do something and my friends response was “oh he just wants to sleep with you”..
we haven’t been together since that period but he still has acted weird when people are nice.. including a few months ago. It’s been confusing for me because this isn’t his normal behavior but I’ve heard that once territorial always territorial applies. I’d met another friend of his and when he suggested the three of us hang out.. which I knew wasn’t a good idea.. they talked and my friend told his pal to tell me hi and he’d been trying to call me.. (during this period he’d been overseas so I hadn’t heard from him.. which lead me to wonder if him telling his friend that was code for his pal to “back off”?). I’ve wanted to try and keep what I’ve appreciated about our friendship cause I do care for him.. we’ve had a few nice visits since he’s moved.. he actually brought me danish couple months ago that I’d asked him for a year ago.. it’s armenian danish that’s easier to get in the area where he lives. When I thanked him for always being fun to be around.. he’s sent 😘😘😘 and 😉 which is also new for him. One of my bigger concerns here is I confided in him about being sexually assaulted by a mutual acquaintance of ours and all he said when I told him I reported it to the police was “hope he learned his lesson”.. with his issues with others guys.. only seemed like he’d react like that to the assault.. wasn’t sure if he did and he just kept it to himself? As in his sense of being territorial.. would it have applied when he found out I was attacked?


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  • I would recommend reading Josette Sona's free book: "Are Men the Weaker Sex" to see if he acts similarly to what is described in the book. If he does, you might not want to hang out with him very much.
    He's not acting like the intimate relationship was casual.
    Only he can answer why it didn't seem to bother him as much when he found out you were assaulted as opposed to other men who seemed to possibly like you.

    • 1 d ago

      Thank you for the book suggestion.. it’s one I haven’t heard of. Would you be able to summarize how they’re depicted? We’ve been friends for a long time.. makes it hard cause I do care for him.

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