6 month intimate relationship.. still acts weird when others are nice.. flirts (😘😉).. jealous/territorial?

Had a 6 month intimate relationship with an older friend.. he’s always been casual in relationships. When someone he knew offered to show me something.. he said (“oh he just wants to sleep with you”).. shortly after he moved.. another friend of his who id gotten to know tried to add me on social media. Since I was uncomfortable.. I told my friend and his response was.. who added who.. and replied that his friend hadn’t told him when I said it was him. About a year later I ran into the guy over the holidays and he offered to have the 3 of us hang out.. I had no intention of hanging out but shrugged it off. We exchanged pleasantries and I found out from him that my friend told him to tell me hi and he’d been trying to call me.. he was traveling and I hadn’t heard from him for awhile but that’s what he told his friend to tell me when he heard we’d ran into eachother.
I guess that was code to his pal for “back off”?
since this is a friend that I do care for.. just trying to figure out the mixed signals. Since we haven’t been intimate since 2016.. his weirdness with other guys being nice to me even after he’s moved.. (😘😉).. emojis in texts.. just curious if his actions are a sign that he feels something for me.. attraction, territorial, jealous, care?
5 d ago
Mainly since he still flirts even after the time lapse of actual intimacy.. and acts weird when other guys are nice to me.. if he still has some level of interest/desire/attraction


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    Can u get an apple on a banana tree.

    Can you grow fruits on a barren land.

    • 5 d ago

      I like your quotes.. so basically he still feels something even after all the time since any intimacy?

    • 5 d ago

      Since he still flirts wasn’t sure if that meant he still felt something for me..

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