How to manage your relationships if you are busy at full time job?

How to manage your relationships if you are busy at full time job? I am working full time job, I leave my home at 7:15 Am and I back my home at 9:00 Pm, I don't have time to talk with my girlfriend, and she is angry with my busy schedule, so how can I make her happy? And is there anyone who is facing same situation?


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  • Well I guess you have to spend the weekends with her and always make it very special and message her while at work ...

    • thanks for reply, same thing I am doing now.

    • So glad that I could help! And thanks for the best answer.

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  • I hear you. Sounds like your girlfriend is one of those people who needs attention 24-7. Maybe you need more of a "I'm just gonna do stuff on my own when you're busy and it's all cool" kind of girl. When I was in school (taking a break now), I was working (research + class) from 9am to as late as...midnight - 2am of the next day. I swear, the only reason my relationship then worked was because it was a long distance relationship, otherwise there was no way it would've worked. Thing is, I didn't hate it, I love it, because I love what I do. My then-bf was not happy with the decreased amount of attention he was getting, so I dumped him. Yes, I did take work over a guy and I don't regret it a bit. I mean, if you hate your job that's a different story. But if you really love what you do, you deserve someone who loves that about you, and not someone who goes, "why are you working so much!?!?!?" because that's so lame of a complaint...

  • I was in the same situation as you, except I put work before my family also.

    I worked 12 hours a day for almost 8 years at my job I also took care of my grandmother she was in the beginning stages of alzheimer's so I paid someone to sit with her until I got off work.

    Then oneday I just looked around and realized she didn't remember anyone anymore, I had missed my niece and nephews birthday parties, my boyfriend was mad because I was exhausted all the time from working.

    I was just thinking I missed so many important days and so many more memories I could have had because I put my job before everyone else.

    Trust me working is fine and it's a necessity but you have to know where to draw the line and you should make time for yourself and your relationships because life is to short and a job isn't everything.

    • job is a necessity, job isn't everything, what does your mean?

    • You have to work to survive and pay your bills but you don't have to make your job your whole life or work 12 hours a day.

  • I do not know WHY people get angry at schedules, its very immature. Sorry, well I don't know if it really angers her , that is not fair to either of you, so you might need to split. but imo she's being an asshole,

  • yep. I'm in grad school, so 3 times a week I have night classes and don't get home until after 10. Then I work part time and don't get home until 7 those other days. So the weekday is completely out of the question for us. My boyfriend works full time but it's a 9-5 job and he's usually done and home by 6. It's just my schedule that rules out weekdays

    Then weekends, I'm not busy, but he's busy with volunteer work. Which I'm kinda pissed off about because I rarely get to see him and when we both should be free, he rather spend it with others. It's great he volunteers but still.

    So we see each for for a few hours on weekends and that's it.

    Still not sure how to manage that. But you're not alone


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