My boyfriends low self esteem is ruining our relationship. What to do I do?

My boyfriend and I have been together for two years and I love him so much, but lately his low self esteem has been damaging our relationship. He’s very insecure because he’s mildly autistic, has a lazy eye, and he thinks he’s overweight. In reality he’s this gorgeous 6’4 tall guy, with a lean build, with curly hair, and he doesn’t have any problems with his eye as long as he wears glasses. Everyone thinks he’s handsome. Other girls hit on him all the time, a girl even once asked him for a threesome. Despite how much I tell him how good looking he is, and all the attention he attracts from other girls, he doesn’t believe any of it. He believes that I’m too good for him and it makes him act irrationally, especially now since we’re in two different states until August. He gets upset whenever I get dressed up because he says that he sees the way other guys look at me. He gets upset if I post a cute picture on Instagram because other guys like my pictures. He gets upset when I hang out with my guy friends (I have a lot of guy friends cause I’m a tomboy). And then he says stuff like he’s not sure if I actually love him. I don’t want to break up with him because it’s really been such a good relationship until recently. But I can’t take the constant accusations of cheating, or him constantly getting upset when I get dressed up, or him doubting my feelings for him. I feel like I put a lot of effort into this relationship and for some reason he doesn’t trust me and he doesn’t see how much I love him. I talk to him about it, and he promises to fix it, but it never gets fixed. It’s getting exhausting having to constantly reassure him.
My boyfriends low self esteem is ruining our relationship. What to do I do?
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