What would you do in this very. Sticky situation?

you're talking to this girl. Y'all aren't dating yet. Y'all already havehad coitus. On multiple occasions. The sex is A+ levels be exact. She's everything you've been waiting for. Y'all vibe more than anyone you've met. You want to take upgrade your relationship status. Than suddenly. "Extra! Extra! Tweet all about it!" You find out she's been in multiple trains (gangbangs). I mean nasty shit them tracks have seen different countries, different cultures, races etc. But it's her past. She's not the same person and really just wants to settle down and start a family. With a good man and be the best wife she could be. Upon hearing and confirming this news. What would you do?
Love her for who she is. The past is the past. Every has bones in their closest.
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Oh hell nah shorty gotta go. Holy ghost fire the demons!! Fire!!!
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That's a good a** question. Let me reflect on that for a moment.
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What would you do in this very. Sticky situation?
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